Liquid HiHat v1.1

The Liquid High Hat is a voltage controlled noise source designed to create hihat or otherworldly sounds in a modular synthesizer.
MORE SOUNDS (by Roglok at the Muffwiggler forums)
Roglok LHH Demo -- "Acid Trash"
Roglok LHH Demo -- "Disco Trash"
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PLEASE NOTE: This is an advanced project as there are very little assembly instructions provided. Just this manual with BOM/layout here:

You can also etch your own board if you really like!

This is a hand-routed circuit board for a rather unique high-hat module designed by Ryk John Miller Thekreater over on the Electro-Music forums. The demand was there for someone to turn his design into a circuit board for people in the do-it-yourself modular synthesizer community to assemble the module from. My board layout skills have been appreciated by the community, so I offered my hand at turning his creation into a viable DIY product!

Note that I cannot provide detailed technical support for this build, since it is not my circuit design. I will do my best to help should you run into difficulty, though!
Here is a photo of the most recent boards, rev.3:

Here are some ideas to help you design a panel for your build:

...and a CAD rendering:
First off was the schematic entry. These are the schematic pages, as viewed through EagleCAD:
Next up was of course the actual board layout and prototyping (not shown). The coloured image is the component-side assembly overlay, which was later included in the .PDF assembly guide to facilitate accurate and easy assemblage without the schematic.
These are the end result - single-sided, non solder masked revision 1 boards before being mailed out to builders.