sympleSEQ is an incredibly easy to build 8-step analogue sequential voltage source for modular synthesis
sympleSEQ is an 8-step sequential voltage source that can be used to drive analog synthesizer gear. It is designed by me, and is based largely around a 4017 decade counter. The idea is a simple, but very useful sequencer that is extremely easy to build thanks to PCB mount components and strong project documentation. This allows beginner do-it-yourself people to accomplish the task of building a sequencer with limited knowledge and skill regarding panel wiring.

For more information, download the build manual here.

!!!NEW!!! Panel Wiring Guide for the dual Eurorack panel offered by Re:Synthesis:

Download the manual for wiring without 5V modifications here!

Download the manual for wiring WITH 5V modifications here!

Project funding was acquired through through the support of people around the globe pre-ordering. PCBs and component sets are now available in the online shop.

sympleSEQ Part Sourcing Guide

This is a guide for how to source the parts for a plain sympleSEQ board yourself. I have made it easy by creating Mouser Projects you can add to cart with a single click, leaving only the jacks, knobs and optional switches you may choose to use for you to source yourself.

You have a few options, and it boils down to where and what type of switches you wish to get for the board mount switches:

1.) El-cheapo: Futurlec part number SPDT101PCSM. These are cheaper quality switches and are what's included in the kits purchased at -- I know of no other retailer of these switches so it will mean an order just to get the switches from them.

Then, use this Mouser cart which does not have switches in it for the rest of the components in the full kit section in the Bill of Materials.

2.) Higher Quality Switches: This option is for those of you that do not mind spending some cash on really nice switches. 8 of Mouser part number 108-2AS3T1205-EVX are added to this pre-filled project. There is no need to add any switches to this cart, but you will still need to add jacks (banana, 1/4", 1/8" or whatever you use), and knobs. Check out the Bill of Materials for what you need.

That's pretty much it! Just add your knobs, jacks and anything else optional you wish to have and you're good to go.

Oh yes, you may wish to find a different colour of LED. The carts have BLUE LEDs in them, so you may wish to find other 5mm ultrabright LEDs in a different colour.

Some other switches that should work are:

Digikey part number EG2451-ND (threaded) or EG2463-ND <-- the threaded one is a good choice as it will probably look nicer through the panel. Also, they are the cheapest option with quantity discounts, and can save you a bit of cash if you're building more than 2 sequencers.
Mouser part number 611-ET03-003