sympleSEQ v2.0 -- EURORACK

sympleSEQ v2.0 is a pure analogue dual 8-step CV/Gate sequencer that is super easy to build and uses commonly available components

It is also available in assembled eurorack form.
Technical/Mechanical Specifications

- 2 channels of pure analogue CV/Gate sequencing in a 42HP package
- Toggle switch per step allows to select sequence length and step gate on/off
- Run/reset controls per sequencer
- Soft-touch knobs with velvety smooth pot operation for maximum playability and user comfort
- Reset/hold inputs for system control (positive = hold/reset)
- Clock inputs (positive logic square wave)
- Clock outputs

All of this bundled in a very easy to build package for DIYers which is made entirely from commonly available CMOS logic ICs so there are no tricky parts to find or microcontrollers to program!
Panels for this project available for purchase at