vcNOIZ EURORACK (Module + SMT Kit)

vcNOIZ is a unique exponentially controlled noise oscillator for analogue synthesis. It creates absolutely crunchy sounding Commodore 64-esque noise.

It can be purchased as a fully assembled and tested eurorack module from retailers or can alternatively be built as a relatively simple to assemble DIY kit where the surface mount components are already soldered.

It is useful both as a pure noise oscillator as well as a random gate, voltage-controlled clock and even for use as hihats!
There are two different panel styles. The circuit is the same. Ask your dealer which panel style they have in stock. MkII is more consistent with future designs!

Original panel style:
New MkII panel style:

- Expo. response CV input (-V to +V)
- Linear response CV input (-V to +V) -- great for audio rate FM, as the audio demo shows. It sounds positively gruesome!
- Clock input (square wave, positive logic)

- Pitch control (to tune base frequency, just like a VCO)

- Base frequency noise output (a little smoother sounding than the divisions) [audio coupled]
- Sub octave /4 output (gritty sounding) [audio coupled]
- Sub octave /8 output (gritty sounding) [audio coupled]
- Base frequency DC coupled gate output (for when wanting a random gate when using a slower clock/pitch rate)
- Internal clock output (there was an extra opamp, so I figured this could be useful)
Technical Specifications

Module Width: 6HP
Module Depth: 38mm
Current consumption: +35/-30mA @ 12V
vcNOIZ is a unique sounding voltage controlled digital noise source. The frequency of the noise is both linearly and exponentially controllable by analogue control voltage signals. It creates positively raunchy C64-esque digital noise and sounds great for hihats and other sounds as well!

It will be available as a DIY project and complete module from the online shop.

There are no microcontrollers used in this design. It is comprised entirely of CMOS logic and analog opamps, so does not suffer from aliasing or any other issues present in a microcontroller-based design.
Audio Demos